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USA - JULY 2005 - Full Test Report

" once the impeller was changed, the cover could be slid back on quickly, in perfect alignment for the remaing screws to be set immediately, even in darkness, and all with bare hands. "

" And suddenly, it became almost enjoyable to inspect the impeller once in a while. "

" Next time an impeller needs changing, it'll go fast. "

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USA - MARCH 2001.

"Speedseal ...... we consider it an essential piece of safety equipment for the engine. "."


USA - January 2001.

"Speedseal really made a difference in the time it took to diagnose and fix this problem. If you do not have one on your engine, order it now from True Marine. This quick release cover gives you access to the impeller in about 10 seconds, without tools. It is so easy to operate that impeller inspections are now a part of the routine engine check list."