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Meets International SOLAS Regulations
Safety Of Life At Sea

The average failure time of a dry-running impeller is around two and a half minutes, so frequently an impeller is destroyed before an alarm goes off.
The UK’s Yanmar importers, have carried out tests on the bearings used in Speedseal Life and achieved 10 consecutive tests of 10-minutes dry-running without failure.
Normally the impeller rubs against a static brass cover plate with sea water as lubricant, hence a rapid failure when running dry. The illustration shows the Award Winning Extra Slip Bearing used by Speedseal Life with a PTFE disc placed between the end of the cover recess and the rotating brass disc which is in contact with the impeller.


Tests show a 300% increase in normal impeller life, as well as the excellent run-dry ability to increase safety.
See Test Results.

When the bearing discs become worn, they are simply replaced at low cost.


UPGRADE kits available for Speedseal owners