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4 Years Experience
4 Years of user experience, tests and development
by the originators of the technology give the following examples of
the benefits now built into SPEEDSEALLIFE

London Ports Authority reported a 300% additional life on a generator application.

Fischer Panda have consistently used the cover technology for the last 18 months without recording any failures.

The main UK agent for Yanmar – E P Barrus, carried out tests which showed Run Dry periods without the bearing covers of 2.38 minutes before impeller failure. With them in place this increased to 10 periods x 5 mins without failure PLUS a further 10 periods X 10 mins without failure after which the tests were terminated. This exceeds the SOLAS (Safety At Sea Standard ) requirements by far and has been further tested by two independent agencies.

In Grit tests using 30% P80 grit sand and 70% water by volume, no failure of impeller or kit resulted, but there was the expected significant wear on the pump chamber.
A pilot boat operator has reported no impeller failures since the bearing installation 2 years ago on its bilge pumps and generator pumps.
A ship builder fits the bearing kits as standard to its Jabsco bilge pumps. There have been no reported failures in 2 years and impeller life has increased 300%.
The first generation of bearing covers were used without a reported failure in 4 years.
  • Double Impeller Life Run-dry Safety

    UPGRADE kits available for Speedseal owners